The First On-Chain Music Platform

Arpeggi is the first and only blockchain music creation platform, providing tools for the next generation of creators to compose, collaborate and sell their music on-chain.

Arpeggi Studio

Arpeggi Studio is the only on-chain digital audio workstation (DAW). For the first time ever, musicians can compose and mint their songs as fully on-chain NFTs, allowing creators to take full advantage of blockchain technology. We built Arpeggi Studio for both experienced producers and new musicians alike, balancing ease of use and advanced feature sets.

The Genesis Collection

The Arpeggi Genesis Collection is the first project by Arpeggi Labs, enabling musicians to compose and mint original songs as fully on-chain NFTs for the first time ever. While anyone can compose a song in Arpeggi Studio, only holders of the Arpeggi Genesis Studio Pass can use the "Mint Song" feature to write their song to the chain. One Studio Pass enables its holder to mint one song, and only 600 Arpeggi Genesis Studio Passes will ever be created.

The Genesis Collection is only the beginning. Blockchain technology has incredible potential to revolutionize how musicians create, collaborate and monetize their work, and we're excited to explore what's possible in our future releases.

100% On-Chain Music

Arpeggi is proud to be one of the only projects to have received a 100/100 “fully on-chain” score from the independent auditing service Art for All. Another example of a fully on-chain NFT platform is Art Blocks. But what does it mean to be fully on-chain?

Blockchain storage is incredibly expensive: storing an MP3 file on-chain would cost upwards of $100,000 in gas fees. To get around this, most NFT projects store image or music data on third-party services, and only store references to that data on the blockchain. This leads to a big problem: if the service hosting that data goes down for any reason, a holder is left with nothing!

We wanted Arpeggi holders to truly own all their song’s data, so we leveraged our team’s deep experience in digital music to create a hyper-efficient song format: the .arp file. Creators can now store their song 100% on-chain at no more than the standard gas needed to mint any other NFT.

Creators and Holders

Arpeggi is more than just a music creation tool -- it’s an ecosystem for music creators and listeners to collaborate and inspire each other. As the platform evolves, we’ll create tools to support the creation of world-class music and develop the infrastructure to facilitate artist and listener engagement in a decentralized and democratic manner.


Kyle Dhillon

Technical Lead

Formerly Senior SWE @ Google
Computer Science, Princeton

James Pastan

Growth Lead

Formerly PM @ MongoDB
Computer Science, Yale

Evan Dhillon

Project Lead

Formerly SWE @ Workday
Computer Science, WUSTL

PPB Zach

Principal Engineer

Computer Science, CMU

Vivid Worker

Principal Audio Engineer

Career Mix Engineer + Producer

Liv Bowman

Principal UX/UI Designer

Graphic Artist in Digital Spaces


Head of Artist Partnerships

High Priestess of Hologram Funk